The Citylink complex

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The original Citylink building complex was constructed between 1928 and 1940 in an area formerly used as a military stable and as a government services building.

Today, with nine different buildings, it covers the entire block between Panepistimiou, Amerikis, Stadiou and Voukourestiou streets.  The complex is listed as a heritage site and as one of the city’s historical monuments and is a typical example of the architecture of public buildings in the interwar period.

The side of the complex facing Stadiou Street is an example of art deco architecture, while the side facing Panepistimiou Street includes elements of modern classicism. In one of the building’s basements, in the third basement to be precise, there was a refuge that is said to be connected via an alley way to the Parliament building so that MPs could escape if there was an emergency.  

During the occupation, the building was transformed into the German headquarters in Athens. Today, it has been fully restored and operates as a commercial centre with many shops and leisure areas.

It is home to the Attica department store which has 300 “Shop in a Shop” stores and on the side facing Voukourestiou Street there are shops selling luxury goods such as designer jewellery, clothes, accessories etc. Once you have finished shopping you can enjoy a coffee in the City Link alley called Stoa Spyromiliou. The historical Pallas Theatre in Voukourestiou hosts Greek and international productions. 

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